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A valid membership key fob is required for access to 2015 Victoria Film Festival programming.


A valid VFF membership is required ...more

VIC- A LEGO Brickumentary Poster
VIC- A LEGO Brickumentary Open in New Window
(2014, 95 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 31
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Aug 1
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Aug 2
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Aug 3
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Aug 4
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Aug 5
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Aug 6

Victoria Premiere!


Two Academy Award nominated directors look into the global sensation of LEGO over the past 66 years since its creation. See the people who spend over six figures ...more

VIC- Big Game Poster
VIC- Big Game Open in New Window
(2014, 90 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 10
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 11
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 12
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 13
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 14
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 15
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 16

Victoria Premiere!


The President of the United States gets ejected from Air Force One when a missile targets the plane. Landing in rural Finland he is found by Oskari, a 13-year-old ...more

VIC- Dior & I Poster
VIC- Dior & I Open in New Window
(2015, 90 mins)
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Jun 18
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Jun 19
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Jun 20
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Jun 21
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 3
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 4
The Vic Theatre 4:15pm Jul 5

Back by popular demand!


Most people are familiar with the Christian Dior brand, if not in clothes, then at least with name recognition. Following the dismissal of John Galliano ...more

VIC- Far From The Madding Crowd Poster
VIC- Far From The Madding Crowd Open in New Window
(2015, 119 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 17
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Jul 19
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 20
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 21
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 22

Danish director Thomas Vinterberg’s (The Hunt, Celebration) adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s 1874 classic novel is lead by Carey Mulligan as the heroine Bathsheba Everdene, who is drawn ...more

VIC- Last of the Elephant Men Poster
VIC- Last of the Elephant Men Open in New Window
(2015, 90 mins)
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Jul 10
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Jul 11
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Jul 12

Writer and Co-Director Daniel Ferguson will be in attendance at all four screenings!


Filmed over several years, Last of ...more

VIC- Love & Mercy Poster
VIC- Love & Mercy Open in New Window
(2014, 122 mins)
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Jul 17
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 19

Brian Wilson is portrayed by both Paul Dano and John Cusack in this bio-pic telling Wilson’s story, from his rise in the 1960s with his unique ear for sounds and music, to the 1980s when his mental ...more

VIC- Slow West Poster
VIC- Slow West Open in New Window
(2015, 84 mins)
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Jul 3
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Jul 4
The Vic Theatre 2:00pm Jul 5

Michael Fassbender as a bounty hunter in the American West. Need we say more?

Slow West follows Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smith-McPhee), who travels from Scotland looking for his young ...more

VIC- Suite Francaise Poster
VIC- Suite Francaise Open in New Window
(2014, 107 mins)
The Vic Theatre 9:00pm Jul 3
The Vic Theatre 4:15pm Jul 4
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 5
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 7
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 8
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 9

Victoria Premiere!


Lucille (Michelle Williams) lives with her mother-in-law (Kristen Scott Thomas) during World War II in Bussy, France and awaits news of her husband, who is a ...more

VIC- The Wolfpack Poster
VIC- The Wolfpack Open in New Window
(2015, 90 mins)
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 23
The Vic Theatre 4:00pm Jul 24
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 25
The Vic Theatre 7:00pm Jul 26

Victoria Premiere!


This surprise Sundance hit tells the story of the Angulo brothers, locked away from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan by their father.  ...more

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