2012 • 100 Minutes

After an interview gone wrong, actor Julius is blacklisted by the city’s most powerful casting agent (Jamie Kennedy). He turns to his brother Jackhammer and is launched headfirst into a hilarious world of male stripping. Filmed in Victoria and featuring Canadian talent including Rob Wells (Trailer Park Boys), Nicole Sullivan (Mad TV) and Pamela Anderson, this is a raucous comedy you don’t want to miss.

After blowing his career and finding his girlfriend in bed with another man, Julius feels like things couldn’t get any worse. Pushed to the edge, he finds a new lease on life in the world of male stripping. Led by his brother, things quickly go sideways for Julius when he gets mixed up with the Russian mob, crazy ex-girlfriends, protein-dealing thugs and a host of hilarious underdogs. The hi-jinx doesn’t let up as Jackhammer takes it upon himself to make things right.

Actor and director Mike Hanus plays Jackhammer, a character so outrageous you have to see it to believe it. He’s been described as Zoolander meets Hulk Hogan, an awesome bronzercizing it-boy whose obnoxious nature covers up a heart of gold. Poking fun at the popular world of fitness, the non-stop jokes and ad-libbed dialogue will leave you breathless. Keep your eye out for some key Victoria locations throughout in this over-the-top thrill ride. And don’t forget your protein shots.

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