Director: Rob Stewart
2012 • 90 Minutes

Rob Stewart's 2006 Sharkwater was probably the biggest reason the anti-shark-fin-hunting movement has come into public consciousness. Six years wiser, he returns to the screen and wants to save our oceans planet-wide from plants to reefs to fish to whales. This is a truly global movie of big aspirations and even more of his trademark eye-popping cinematography.

This territory, though grander for Stewart, will be very familiar for all those who loved Sharkwater.  There, he proved he is a man with a keen eye for explaining the inter-connectedness of all things through the much-misunderstood shark. However, this time he wants to do more than just save sharks, he wants to save humans.

From the coral reefs and rich cultures of Papua New Guinea to deforestation in the island-nation of Madagascar to the largest and most destructive environmental project in history that we know as the tar-sands, he reveals that all of our actions have consequences and that environmental degradation, species loss, ocean acidification, pollution and food/water scarcity are reducing the Earth's ability to house humans.

Narrating his own story across more than 15 different countries around the world, his plea is not a story without hope. Saving the humans can mean saving the world and its oceans. It's because humans, as a part of the ecosystem, can affect real change in their environments when they really want to. He demonstrates why we'd really want to.



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