Director: Michael McGowan
2012 • 102 Minutes

Veterans James Cromwell and Genevieve Bujold portray a couple in their twilight years with his character setting out to build a more suitable house for his ailing wife. He quickly gets blindsided by local building codes and bureaucratic officials as his wife becomes increasingly ill.

Theirs is a complex relationship developed over a sixty-year marriage. Craig Morrison (Cromwell) is used to doing things for himself. Sometimes cantankerous and always stubborn, he’s kept his traditional farm going in a period when industrial agriculture dominates the marketplace. The primary reason he’s been able to do so is his relationship with his wife, Irene (Bujold), who’s as tough and determined as he is. But when her health begins to fail, Craig is faced with the choice of either building a new, more suitable home for her, or leaving the farm they have lived on for decades. A skilled carpenter, he figures the only obstacles he faces are time and the weather. That is, until he meets Rick (Jonathan Potts), a government inspector who makes it his personal mission to halt construction on the new house.

Based on a true story, Michael McGowan's Still is beautifully written and portrayed. Its anti-government stance portrayed with much humour makes for a very unique approach.



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