Vanishing Point

Director: Stephen A. Smith, Julia Szucs
2012 • 82 Minutes

Two continents come together in this tale of similarities and differences shared by two communities. The Polar Eskimo in Greenland hang on to their traditions, holding off on technology for as long as they can. While their Canadian cousins on Baffin Island, have learned to utilize modern conveniences.
Discovering that modern life and climate change are eroding her community’s way of life, Polar Eskimo elder, Navarana sets out to retrace the steps of Qitdlarssuaq, a legendary shaman who lead the Inuit from Baffin Island to Greenland over 150 years ago creating a new bloodline between the two peoples.

We follow Navarana as she sees first-hand, their way of life isn’t so different than hers, despite their reliance on gas-powered machinery and store-bought food. Both locations are also suffering at the hands of climate change seeing a reduction in snow and ice affecting successful hunting parties. What used to be weeks long voyages into remote passages of the upper Arctic have turned into three-day journeys to hunt for food. Seeing change as inevitable, Navarana seeks a way to embrace the future for herself and her people through her experiences amongst her Canadian cousins.

Filmed with beautiful cinematography, Vanishing Point illustrates the change we all face and the uncertainty and acceptance of that change. 

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