Director: Rowan Athale
United Kingdom
2012 • 106 Minutes

Battered, bruised and under arrest, Harvey Miller sits in a police interview room facing an interrogator (Timothy Spall). Things are about to get interesting – a club has been robbed and a hood left for dead. Wasteland sets itself apart from the British heist genre by mixing in some great American playfulness (think Usual Suspects and Ocean’s Eleven).

Clutching a stack of eyewitness statements, Detective Inspector West has no doubt of Harvey's part in a foiled robbery, and his subsequent attempted murder of local businessman Steven Roper. Denying everything, Harvey agrees to tell his version of events in full. We take in his release from prison a month earlier, and the malevolent, unjust act that put him in there. We see his emotional reunion with his sibling-like best friends, and the immovable loyalty they have for one another. We see the rekindling of a lost love, a second chance for two people meant for each other. We see the ingenious planning of the ill-fated robbery, the amazing twist, the shocking outcome and the real driving force behind it – retribution. The story unfolds into an exhilarating, moving and hilarious tale of loyalty, jealousy, friendship, revenge and the pursuit of happiness.

Wasteland is a wonderful story with great pacing, soundtrack, cinematography, writing, acting and direction. First-time writer-director Rowan Athale gets it right and just when you think the film is over and you have unanswered questions, your questions are answered and you are given more of the brilliant story, and a great ending that perfectly ties up everything.



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