Shorts Program: Unlikely Neighbours

Her Next Door
Sash Ransome
10 min

When Alice pops round to her neighbours to escape a gas leak in her own house, little does she know that she's putting her own life in danger.


Dominic Etienne Simard
10.5 min

Her name is Paula. As day breaks over the waking city, she's already at work - looking for clients as she walks a stretch of sidewalk in front of the corner grocery store.

Girls Who Smoke
Tawny Foskett
15 min

Two women, both with bad boyfriends and bad habits, connect over  apack of cigerettes. Adapted from a MOTH story that played on This American Life.

Life on the River
Chris Remerowski
16 min

Two homeless people who decide to life near a river in a city ravine discover their new neighbors are being somewhat less then honest.


Martin Guggisberg
18 min

Encounters in the hallway of a Swiss housing estate lead to a neighborly invitation. What starts out as a nice evening has an unexpected ending.

A Pretty Funny Story

Evan Morgan
19 min

Rick a bored family man, finally has something that will make him a hit amongst his co-workers. The night before he can share the hilarious story, his neighbor takes drastic actions to keep him silent.

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