HOW TO PROCESS ORDER. (FAQs listed below)

Please read these instructions CAREFULLY and COMPLETELY before continuing.

Here’s how to place an online order:

Please be aware that you must have both Javascript and “cookies” enabled in your browser . For more information, please see your browser’s HELP facility.

1. You will need to register with the Victoria Film Festival Box Office in order to make online purchases. Information required includes name, full address, phone number (We also ask that you provide a valid telephone number; we will only call you in case of a screening change or cancellation) and you will also need a valid email address and then create a password. Keep the password in a safe place. All of this information is kept private and should you forget your password by entering your email address it will be sent to you. You may also elect not to receive our Festival newsletter by removing the check from the box at the bottom of the profile creation page. Once you’ve created this user profile, you will be able to use it whenever placing an order within the Victoria Film Festival box office going forward.

2. After creating your profile, you can begin to order programs (films), event tickets, passes and merchandise. You can search for your program of choice by going to the right hand column that reads BROWSE PROGRAMS BY and search by Genre, Section, Director, Country or Venue.  You can also search by Keyword in the box marked SEARCH BY KEYWORD.  Click GO once you've decided on a search type and the corresponding program(s) will appear on the screen.  (It is always best to search by these methods as opposed to date, because any screenings that are sold out will not appear when you use the Calendar.)  Click the title of the program to see a synopsis, get more information, and have the ability to both SHARE and BUY tickets.  Click the top left corner on any of the Online Box Office pages once you have items added to your cart to see what has been added. It will go to your cart after each order, at which time you will select the number of tickets/items you would like, can add memberships, return to the box office or checkout. You can keep adding showings, passes, events and merchandise until you are ready for checkout.  If you decide to change your mind about a film during the selection process, do not hit the BACK button on your browser.  Close the film synopsis window by clicking in the top right corner CLOSE link or hit the ESC key.

3. You will then enter your personal and credit card information and review the quantities of tickets/items you want to buy. If you do not want to purchase tickets for a given show, click on “Remove” to remove them or set the quantity as desired if you’d like to increase/decrease the amount.

4. When checking out, you must provide accurate billing information if it does not match the one created in your profile. You can edit the billing information at this point, which will be attached to your user profile going forward. You will also be required to enter your credit card information at this juncture. Please use two digits for both the month and year (i.e. February 2011 should be entered as 02 for the month and 11 for the year).  Your email will be used to send you a confirmation of your ticket order along with receipt of payment.

5. When you are finished, click on the “Complete Purchase” button and wait for the system to show you the order confirmation page. Do not click this button more than once or you may cause an error and have to start over. The processing of your order may take a minute or so, but please be patient.

6. Your order will be waiting for you at the Festival office up to and including the day before your first screening/event OR available for pick up at the Will Call Table at the venue of your first screening/event starting 30 MINUTES before the first show of the day at that venue.

7. When picking up your order, you will be required to show photo identification. The person whose name is on the order MUST be the person to pick up the order.

8. You will receive an email confirming your order shortly after your order is processed. You should print this confirmation and bring it with you to pick up your order. This confirmation contains your order number and will make it much easier for us to find your order and get you into your screening/event. Check spam/junk mail filters if you haven't received your email confirmation.

9. No information you provide to us will ever be divulged to a third party; we will only use this information for the purposes we’ve outlined here. Since you are providing this information to us on a secure web page your credit card and personal information is encrypted and protected.

10.  If you are having difficulties that are not resolved after reviewing the online HELP section, you can contact the Festival Box Office during regular hours and someone can assist you further.  Our contact information is located at the bottom of every box office page for easy reference.

A few other things you should be aware of:

* It is important not to hit the back button or arrow on your browser when ordering online.  Doing so will impact your purchasing of tickets.

* If a screening/event is marked ADVANCE TICKETS SOLD OUT it will be unavailable for selection. This means that it is sold out for advance ticket sales but tickets may be available at the door. If an item is unavailable, it will be marked as SOLD OUT.

* The majority of our programs require a Festival Membership and are only available to those 18 and older. You will be asked to present your Festival Membership before admittance to these programs. When there is an exception to this, it will be noted in the program’s description.

* You cannot purchase advance tickets to a screening/event on the same day as the show.  Tickets for any screening/event listed as RUSH ONLY CASH ONLY basis. will be available only at that show’s venue box office starting one hour before showtime. * Day of show tickets are only available at the venue/theatre on a

* A will call handling charge of $1.00 PER ORDER will be automatically added to every online order (this is the same charge as for phone orders).



How much is it for a movie?

Once you have purchased your VFF membership for 2.00 plus GST then you can attend any unrated screening at the film festival. See membership policy below.

Regular Screenings are $10.00 plus GST.

Special events are noted in the program guide and prices range depending on event.


Are there student/senior prices?

There are no student/senior prices for the regular screenings or special events.  


How do I buy tickets?

Customers can buy tickets from:

Online box office :

By phone: 250- 389- 0444

In person: Advance Ticket Office (1215 Blanshard) or 30 minutes before film showing at screening venue, if there are tickets left to sell.


I want to buy tickets at the door, when can I buy them?

30 minutes before film showtime.


Do you keep tickets to sell at the door?

Films can sell out in advance and then no rush/door tickets are available. Tickets that are not sold in advance will be sold at the door.


Can I get advance tickets for the show during the day the show is playing?

No, There are no advance ticket sales for same day shows. If there are tickets left to sell, they will be sold at the door 30 minutes before showtime. Online sales cut off at midnight for the shows the following day.


How does the 5 or 10 ticket pass work?

The 5 or 10 ticket pass is a discount that gets applied to your order when you order 5 or 10 regular films at one time. The box office software will automatically calculate the discount on your order.


How do I redeem my gift vouchers?

You can redeem your vouchers online, by clicking on the “I have a voucher” link when completing purchase. Type in the code for each ticket in the box provided and click apply. Vouchers may also be redeemed at the Advance Box Office


Where is the Advance Box Office?

1215 Blanshard Street – beside the Empire Capitol 6 theatre



What is will call? Will call is a term used for advance tickets that need picking up. Will Call is the place in each venue where you pick up advance tickets. The name comes from the old name for the layaway department at large stores, where people could make a deposit on a large purchase and "call" for it when it was paid in full.


I ordered tickets online or by the phone, how do I pick them up?

Will call tickets will be available to pick up the following day after your order has been made. Tickets will be at the VFF office during advance box office hours. Once the festival has started you may pick them up at the venue of the first film you are attending, during the evenings and weekends. The tickets will be available 30 mins before the first showtime of the films ordered. Passes and memberships bought without tickets will need to be picked up at the VFF Office.


Box office hours:

Mon Sat

Jan. 9 – Feb. 10

10am – 4pm


What do I need to pick up my tickets?

To pick up your Will call tickets, please show your picture ID or your confirmation order, either printed out or on your smart phone.


What is a membership and why do I need to buy one?

Memberships are required because the films are unrated. To watch an unrated film in British Columbia, you need to be a member of a society and age 18 and over. Memberships cost $2 plus GST. VFF is a non profit, charitable organization.


More info below.

Did you know that all the movies you normally see at the theatre have been classified? They have been viewed by the Practices & Consumer Protection Authority of BC, deemed appropriate for public viewing, and rated accordingly; you know - PG, R, G, etc. This is a costly process, and one the Victoria Film Festival can't afford; hence, all Festival films are unclassified. In British Columbia the only way to view unclassified films is to be a member of the Society showing the films, and over the age of 18 - that's the law, even if the film would just get a G rating.

NOTE: If you have purchased a VFF Film, Gold, or Platinum pass, you DO NOT need to purchase a VFF Membership as it is included with your pass purchase.


I lost my membership, what should I do?

Unfortunately you will need to purchase a new membership. Memberships can be bought online or in person at the Advance Box Office, or at the theatre 30 minutes before showtime.




Do I need to buy a membership if I have bought a Film pass?

No, the membership is included in the Pass price.


What happens if the advance tickets sell out and I have a Film pass?

25% of the house is set aside for passholders. Passholders may want to begin lining up early to ensure seats.


I have a Film pass and I want to go to 2 movies in a row at the same theatre. Can I check in for both shows at the same?

Unfortunately this isn't possible, as the pass has to be scanned 30 mins before each screening and the computer system is only set up to scan 1 screening at a time. Passholders will need to exit the theatre and wait in the passholder line to be rescanned for the next show.


Can I go to films with my Springboard pass?

No. The Springboard pass allows passholder access to Friday Opening Talks, Friday and Saturday Networking Receptions, Springboard Talks 





Can I just buy a film ticket to the opening gala show?

No. The film is a part of the Opening Gala event. There is another showing for customers who just want to see the film.


How can I tell which movies are subtitled?

Generally, any film from a foreign language country (or Quebec) will have subtitles. The exception this year is The Lady which is from France/UK and will be in English.